Are you attracted to the prestige of smaller colleges, with discussion-based classes, lots of personal attention, and a close-knit community? Or are you leaning toward a more classic university experience, with football games, a diverse student body, ground-breaking research and state of the art equipment and facilities?

At the South Carolina Honors College, you’ll get the best of both worlds—it’s a small, prestigious college tucked inside a large, lively university ranked at the highest level of research activity. You’ll enjoy your own residence hall, your own classes, and priority registration—but you’ll also have full access to the facilities and resources of a top-tier research university.

It's a Small College...

Individual Attention

With an average class size of 16 students, you’ll get to know your professors well and engage in thoughtful debates with other intellectually gifted students.

Committed Faculty

Honors College classes are taught by our acclaimed professors—not teaching assistants.

Unconventional Courses

From The Psychology of the Zombie Apocalypse to The Ethics of Food, you’ll have no trouble finding courses that interest you.

Customized Curriculum

You can create your own major, contribute to research as an undergraduate, or study abroad. Design your Honors College experience to strengthen your unique skills and talents.

Convenient Campus Living

The Honors Residence Hall allows students to have an immersive experience and develop a real sense of community—and the facilities are outstanding, more like luxury city apartments than typical dorm rooms. Honors students also get priority as upperclassmen to live in the coveted Horseshoe apartments.

...Inside a Large University

World-Class Research Facilities

The University of South Carolina is listed as a Carnegie R1 institution-- the most elite category-- with sophisticated research programs that draw top-flight talent from around the world, and you’ll have access to the same labs and equipment that the professionals use.

SEC Athletics

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of football season, and our baseball team is a World Series winner twice over.

Excellent Amenities

Located across the street from the Honors Residence Hall, our state-of-the-art gym offers an Olympic pool, sand volleyball courts, and an indoor climbing wall.


Earn while you learn. USC offers one of the most competitive scholarship packages around, and Honors College students often qualify for scholarships that exceed their tuition.

Alumni Network

With hundreds of thousands of graduates working in every field imaginable, the Gamecock alumni network can help you get a foot in the door in a competitive job market.