Apply for the Honors Ambassador position

Interested students who meet the requirements of the position should complete the application here: Honors Ambassador Application  Applications are due March 3, 2017 at 11:59pm. After a review of applications, you will be contacted regarding a potential interview.  Email Elise Porter, Recruiting Coordinator, with questions:


Honors Ambassador Position Description

Summer and Fall 2017 Openings

About the Honors Ambassador Program  The Honors Ambassador Program is comprised of a diverse and dedicated group of outstanding students who want to share their Honors College experiences with prospective students and help build community within the Honors College.  Ambassadors will gain experience in recruitment and event planning and have the opportunity to develop their leadership and public speaking skills among other things. They also have the opportunity to form connections with Honors College staff, students, alumni, and each other.


Position Details

The Honors College is looking for students to serve as Honors Ambassadors for Fall ‘17. In addition to volunteering as an Ambassador in Fall ‘17, you will also have the opportunity to apply for a paid Ambassador position for Summer ‘17 to assist with Orientation and summer projects. In the Fall, the Honors Ambassadors will consist of approximately twelve (12) students to work alongside our four (4) Ambassador Officers. Appointments may continue into the Spring ‘18, but are not expected if students have plans to be away from campus. (Students may apply for any open officer position after serving in the organization for at least one semester. These positions are paid.)


Examples of Honors Ambassadors in Action


Requirements for Ambassadors

Applicants should be members in good standing of the Honors College and have completed at least one semester in the Honors College. Upperclassmen, lowerclassmen, and transfers are all encouraged to apply.  

Prior to summer orientation and the Fall ‘17 semester, there will be required trainings for all Ambassadors. Ambassadors attend monthly meetings for ongoing training and professional development and have check-ins with Honors Ambassador advisors.