The Honors Residence is an environmentally sustainable building with state-of-the-art amenities including washers and dryers that text you when your laundry is done and an indoor bicycle storage room with a shower for cleaning your bike.

Room Amenities

The Honors Residence consists of single and double rooms arranged in suites with semi-private bathrooms.


Bathrooms (7' x 8')

Common Areas

Living rooms on each floor are available for socializing or studying. The living rooms are shared by 10-12 students and are fully furnished with tables, chairs, and couches.

Designated study rooms are also available for honors residents and are shared by 12-24 students.


The first floor of the Honors Residence is open to the campus for access to classrooms, the cafeteria, and the game room. Only honors residents have access to the upper floors. The residence hall also has 14 Resident Mentors and a live-in Residence Life Coordinator.

Other Amenities