Sustainability and the environment are key components of the new Gold LEED certified Honors Residence building.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

The design, construction, and landscaping of Honors Residence minimize the negative impact of new construction on the local environment. It uses 38 percent less energy than a traditionally designed residence hall of a similar size. The hall is equipped with high-efficiency plumbing, washers, and dryers.  The carpets are made of recycled materials, and 20 percent of materials used came from within a 500-mile radius of Columbia.  Interior finishes feature no or low volatile organic compounds and high levels of recycled content.  Natural light is used as much as possible, and all south-facing windows are outfitted with "light shelves" to limit unwanted heat.

"The Honors Residence Hall was designed to consume 38 percent less energy as compared to a similar building utilizing a traditional design." - James Sherry, director of University Housing facilities management

Gold LEED Certification

The new Honors Residence Hall has been awarded Gold Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design (LEED) certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), making it the first Gold LEED-certified building on the University of South Carolina campus!  The LEED rating and certification system is recognized industry-wide as the gold standard for environmentally sustainable building.  The Green Quad and Arnold School of Public Health are both Silver LEED-certified.

Continued Commitment

The Honors College's sustainability efforts are also supported by University Housing, including the custodial staff, maintenance personnel, Residence Life, and Facility Services.  Efforts towards sustainability include recycling, purchasing environmentally sound products, energy and water conservation, alternative fuel vehicles, greening of residence halls, and annual efforts such as the “Give It Up” donation program during residence hall move out.  University Housing will provide Honors Residence students with blue recycling bins for their convenience.  Students are encouraged to use the bin to collect recyclables and then transport them to the collection stations located on each floor of the hall.  More information about University Housing's commitment to sustainability is available on the University Housing website.