The Honors College offers a wide variety of courses for students--almost 600 courses every year. Current and previous course examples are described below. Find a complete list of current courses here.


Chance and Randomness

Taught By: Michael Stoeltzner

The scientific developments of the past 200 years have shown us that chance can be tamed by numbers and that randomness can create order.

Knitting and Philosophy

Taught By: Margaret Houck

This course introduces students to philosophical themes in ethics and aesthetics. In aesthetics, we examine the nature of art and craft and relate the work of knitting to both.

Literary Annuals: Digital Humanities Meets 19th Century Popular Culture

Taught By: Paula Feldman

Literary annuals played a significant but still largely undocumented role in the popular culture of early and mid-nineteenth century Britain and America. Using the unusually large and diverse collection in the Thomas Cooper Library as our chief resource, students will conduct original research and will publish their work in a digital archive, which they help to design, sponsored by USC Digital Collections.

How to Live the Good Life and be True to Yourself

Taught By: Ed Munn Sanchez

From Shakespeare to today we are deeply concerned with being true to ourselves. But what can this mean? How is it that we are creatures that cannot be true to ourselves? And what does all of this have to do with living well?