Internships are an important part of the Honors Beyond the Classroom program. We encourage our students to understand their education as much more than their classes. 

What they do beyond the campus of the university is as important as what they do in the classroom. Internships also help build foundational skills important for your career endeavors.  An internship can open doors, help develop career plans, and make great contacts for the future.  Some internships may also evolve into full-time employment opportunities. 


SCHC Internship Program 

The Honors College offers an internship course that allows students to receive academic credit counting towards the SCHC Learning Beyond the Classroom requirement for their internship.  Students in this program gain valuable experience in their chosen career field while also receiving helpful feedback on their performance and reflecting on their experience. 


Washington Semester Program 

Administered by the South Carolina Honors College, the South Carolina Washington Semester Program gives students from colleges and universities across the state the opportunity to spend a semester interning and studying in Washington, D.C.  Students studying a variety of majors are placed in internships that fit their career goals, from political science majors interning in congressional offices to journalism majors interning in CNN’s the Situation Room.  Students also take classes and attend events that help them experience the life and culture of D.C. 


South Carolina Semester Program 

The South Carolina Semester Program, offered each spring semester, gives students the opportunity to work in state government while earning academic credit.  Students are placed into part time internships with state agencies and offices for which they receive Beyond the Classroom credit, while also enrolling in an accompanying seminar class which focuses on state government operations and public policy issues. 


Current students interested in learning more about and applying to these programs should visit the internship page for students at 


Hosting an Internship 

The Honors College offers businesses and organizations a personalized approach for finding outstanding college interns and potential employees.  Our goal is to provide our students valuable work experience which complements their academic preparation.  Businesses, non-profit groups, government agencies, and other organizations will benefit by having a top-notch student intern. 


For more information, please contact: 

Julie Hutt
Director of Internship Programs 
Harper College, Room 322 


Internship Spotlight: 

YMCA of Columbia Metro Office

Sarah Roof, ’17, exercise science, Carolina Scholar, Palmetto Fellow
Intern for Bryan Madden, the CEO of the YMCA of Columbia

‘Every day was different and exciting’

For someone who wants to work in sports medicine in a hospital or private practice, Sarah Roof found an ideal—and practical—internship with the YMCA of Columbia.

“As an exercise science major, most of my classes involve health science-based lectures, projects, and discussions that prepare me to be an effective and successful employee in the field of healthcare,” Sarah said. “This internship gave me a new perspective on the field of health and wellness because it has helped me to understand how an exercise science-related business operates successfully. I believe it is important to not only be an effective healthcare professional, but also to have an understanding of the way a business in this field should operate.”

Her summer internship offered many different duties. She reorganized and updated the employee handbook’s policies, and worked with the chief development officer to facilitate fundraising events for the YMCA’s Partners with Youth program.

“Every day was different and exciting,” she said. “My work was challenging, yet rewarding, because it contributes to the improvement of the YMCA as a business and as a nonprofit organization.”

A sophomore from Chapin, SC, Roof was struck by the dedication YMCA employees have for their mission. “I was impressed and inspired by the number of coworkers who expressed to me how much they loved the YMCA and want to promote its mission to the community,” she said. “It has been truly encouraging to observe the almost tangible passion each of the employees have for the YMCA, and it has motivated me to work with the same level of commitment that my coworkers possess.”