To be eligible, students must attend a participating university in South Carolina.

Students should be college juniors or seniors, although sophomores will be considered in special circumstances. Students must be in good standing in their college or university's honors program, and the director of the school's honors program has to submit a letter of approval for each student. Preference is given to students with a minimum 3.3 GPA or better.

Non-Honors College Students May Be Eligible to Apply

Students with a GPA of 3.5 or better who are not in their school's honors program might still be eligible to apply to the Washington Semester Program with prior approval.  Contact the Internship Director at to begin the approval process.

A Program Applicable to All Majors

Students need not be political science majors to apply. Experience gained in the Washington Semester Program is valuable for any major or career choice. Students in the program have included majors in engineering, biology, journalism, business, French, English, international relations, women's studies, the fine arts, history and accounting.

Enrollment in the Program

In most cases, students enroll at the University of South Carolina in Columbia for the semester they are participating in the Washington Semester Program. Transfer status is handled quickly and easily for students from other institutions. South Carolina State University students do not enroll their students at the University of South Carolina; but academic credits are transferred from USC to South Carolina State University after the student completes the semester program.

Students who are interested in applying to the Washington Semester Program should talk to their college advisor and the director of their school's honors program to determine how the Washington Semester Program's academic credit will apply to their individual undergraduate program.