At interviews we do not pick students based on their political preference.  We also do not pick based on placements we have in hand.   We take students who we feel will thrive in DC.  But now is the time to determine where you stand politically, because we make placements consistent with political philosophy.  The beauty of this program is that you become members of those office families.


On the Hill Placements

We need to know if you are registered with a party, if you have volunteered for any candidate, or if you are related to an elected official.  We also need to know if you or someone in your family is close to a political office or office holder.

Remember that we have an obligation to the South Carolina Congressional delegation, and we will cover all offices that want someone at this time.  But not all students can be placed in the delegation and we are open to explore several options.  Please tell us if you are okay with a placement on the Hill or if you have a strong preference to be off the Hill. 


Off the Hill Placements

The list of Off Hill placements compiled over the past 20 years is long and impressive, but each semester we have a pioneer or two in new areas.  Off Hill placements require your help and involvement.  Search the internet for organizations in Washington consistent with your interests, and let’s discuss them.

If you already have a specific placement in mind, let us know.  If you have no preference, that's fine, but have some ideas of subject areas that interest you, as well as what you wish to gain from your placement. Do research, talk with your professors, and come prepared with ideas for your semester.

Many Off Hill placements have deadlines for applications.  In your research, check to see if there are application deadlines and bring that information with you.

If you are exploring new areas, do not accept any placement until after we give you permission to do so. 


When Do I Find Out About My Placement?

Please do not expect to learn of your placement until you arrive in DC. While some placements may work out quickly, we will not announce individual placements until all or practically all are settled.  If you feel anxiety over this, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Beckham.  But please do not try to arrange any placement on your own---always talk to Mr. Beckham first. You are guaranteed a placement.


Steven Beckham

Federal Legislative Liaison, USC