The South Carolina Honors College offers funding for undergraduate research in order to promote the intellectual growth of our students and to encourage excellence in scholarship.

From arts to sciences, business to engineering, we urge students to pursue research in all disciplines.

Over the course of their four years in the Honors College, students can apply for a total $4,500 in SCHC research funding. This includes SURF, Exploration, and Senior Thesis funding, but does not include SCHC travel funding. This funding may go towards a student stipend. Students should note, however, that SURF and Exploration funds cannot be used to support senior thesis research while a student is enrolled in SCHC 499 or another senior thesis class. Projects supported by undergraduate research funds may later be developed into a senior thesis, but students seeking financial support during the senior thesis process should apply for a senior thesis grant.

Funding Opportunities

The following three programs offer funding opportunities for undergraduate research:


Students interested in learning more about these opportunities should visit the current students page for additional information.