The South Carolina Honors College offers funding for undergraduate research in order to promote the intellectual growth of our students and to encourage excellence in scholarship.

From arts to sciences, business to engineering, we urge students to pursue research in all disciplines.

Over the course of their four years in the Honors College, students are eligible to apply for a total $4,500 in SCHC research funding. This includes SURF (Scientific Undergraduate Research Fellowship), Exploration, and Senior Thesis funding, but does not include SCHC travel funding. Research grant funding is awarded as a student stipend. Students should note, however, that SURF and Exploration funds cannot be used to support senior thesis research while a student is enrolled in SCHC 499 or another senior thesis class. Projects supported by undergraduate research funds may later be developed into a senior thesis, but students seeking financial support during the senior thesis process should apply for a senior thesis grant.

Funding Opportunities

The following three programs offer funding opportunities for undergraduate research:


Students interested in learning more about these opportunities should visit the current students page for additional information. 


2014-2015 Grant Recipients


SURF Grant


William Allen, Exercise Science

Mentor: Jay Potts, Cell Biology

Title: Effects of Fluid Dynamics


Tyler Antonelli, Finance

Mentor: Adam Hartstone-Rose       

Title: 3D Laser Scan Reconstruction


Alexander Auerback, Mathematics/Philosophy

Mentor: Joshua Cooper, Mathematics        

Title: Perturbations and Bezout's Theorem


Andrew Banks, Marine Science/Biological Science

Mentor: Ronald Benner, Marine Science   

Title: CDOM in the Carbon Cycle


Taylor Barnes, Pre-pharmacy

Mentor: Brandon Bookstaver, Pharmacy  

Title: Public Perception of Pharmacy


Connor Brunson, Public Health

Mentor: Kelly Mulvey, Education   

Title: Homeless Perceptions of Health Care


Luke Bassett, Marine Science

Mentor: Tammi Richardson, Marine Science        

Title: Relative Contributions of Small Phytoplankton in Productivity


Christina Cantu, Psychology

Mentor: Jane Roberts, Psychology  

Title: Pragmatic NVC in FMR1 Permutations


Michaela Close, Biology

Mentor: Minsub Shim          

Title: Examining how Jag2 inhibits p53


Lacie Cochran, Computer Engineering

Mentor: Jason Bakos, Computer Science   

Title: FPGA Computer Vision


John Craver, Neuroscience

Mentor: Jeffrey Twiss, Biological Science   

Title: mRNA Localization in an Injured PNS


Elizabeth Crummy, Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: Melissa Moss, Chemical Engineering       

Title: Amyloid Beta Aggregation Effects on NF-kB Activation in SHSY5Y Cells


Matthew Csonka, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Mentor: Richard Showman, Biological Science      

Title:  Regulation of mtDNA in Mytilus sp.


Jeffrey Davis, Mathematics

Mentor:  Joshua Cooper, Mathematics       

Title: The Abelian Sandpile Model

Carter  DeGennaro, Exercise Science

Mentor: Raja Fayad  

Title: The Mechanism of Action of Quinoxaline Di-N-Oxide


Jason Eckert, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Mentor: Peisheng Xu, Biomedical Science 

Title: Targeted MSN for Cancer Treatment


Randy Fang, Chemical Engineering

Mentor: Jason Hattrick-Simpers, Chemical Engineering  

Title:  Synthesis and Characterization of FeCrAl


Weston Grove, Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: Esmaiel Jabbari, Chemcial Engineering  

Title: Fabrication of Biometic Nanofibers


Tyler Hernandez, Chemistry/Mathematics

Mentor: William Jones, Environmental Health Sciences  

Title: Structural Aspects of Chemical Signatures


Mason Holtel, Biology

Mentor: Jeff Dudycha, Biology        

Title: Epigenetics and Variation of Lifespan


Katrina Hounchell, Marine Science

Mentor: Joseph Quattro, Biological Science           

Title: Genetic Analysis of Fish Eggs


Brian Hurst, Chemical Engineering

Mentor: Jason Hattrick- Simpers, Chemical Engineering 

Title: Investigation of Magnetic Material


Colin Johnson, Biological Sciences

Mentor: Andrew Greytak, Chemistry         

Title: The Biocompatibility of Nanoparticles


Corey King, Civil/Environmental Engineering

Mentor: James Burch, Epidemiology          

Title: La Victoria Irrigation System


Vincent Klapper, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Mentor: Maksymilian Chruszcz, Chemistry           

Title:  Structual and Inhibitory Analysis


Samuel Lee, Biochemistry

Mentor: Michael Shtutman, Biomedical Science   

Title: Examining Time Dependency


Nicholas Lenze, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Mentor: Mythreye Karthikeyan, Chemistry          

Title: Defining the intersecting roles of TGB


Richard McCain, Biology

Mentor: Jun Zhu, Psychology          

Title: Impact of HIV-1 Tat Protein on DAT


Abigail McConahay, Biology

Mentor: Jerry Hilbish, Biology         

Title: Response of Arctic Barnacles


Ryan McCormick, Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: Esmaiel Jabbari, Chemcial Engineering  

Title: Synthesis of Microtubule Scaffolds


Leah McGovern, Chemical Engineering

Mentor: John Weidner, Chemical Engineering     

Title: Effect of Contaminants on Fuel Cells


Trevor Morris, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Mentor: Maksymilian Chruszcz      

Title: Quantitative Analysis of SAG and NAD


Michael Owens, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Mentor: Tim Mousseau       

Title: Epigenetic Effects of Radiation Exposure


Shawn Patel, Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: Esmaiel Jabbari, Chemical Engineering  

Title: Modified Nanofibers for Bone Repair


Tanner Pearson, Physics/Math

Mentor: Thomas Crawford 

Title: Customized NP Self-Assembly


Jacquline Plyler, Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: Miao Yu, Chemical Engineering   

Title: Graphene Oxide for Kidney Dialysis


Taylor Radford, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Mentor: Maksymilian Chruszcz      

Title: GST Crystallization


Zak Roth, Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: Deanna Smith        

Title: Neuronal Dynein Motor Expression


Justin Sindoni, Biological Sciences

Mentor: Tim Mousseau       

Title: Chernobyl Dragonflies


John Snider, Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: Mythreye Karthikeyan, Chemistry          

Title: Matrix Effects on Protein Activity


Paul Stanzione, Chemical Engineering

Mentor: Xiao Dong Zhou, Chemical Engineering  

Title: Synthesis of Materials for Batteries


Taylor Turnbull, Biology

Mentor: Richard Showman, Biological Science      

Title: Quantitation of mitoDNA variants during early development in the Blue Mussel


Tyler Wagner, Pre-Pharmacy

Mentor: Brandon Bookstaver, Pharmacy  

Title: Safety and Tolerability of Stribild


Bridgette Wellslager, Biology

Mentor: Minsub Shim, Biology        

Title: Study of an Accurate Mouse Model


John Welsh, Chemical Engineering

Mentor: Xiao Dong Zhou, Chemcial Engineering  

Title: Reduction of Carbon Dioxide


Victoria Willingham, Biology

Mentor: Rekha Patel, Biological Sciences   

Title: Frameshift Mutation in PACT Gene



Exploration Grants


Victoria Anderson, Biology

Mentor: Scott Decker, Psychology  

Title: CES QEEG Study


Alexa Black, Psychology

Mentor: Kate Flory, Psychology      

Title: An Investigation of SCT in children with ADHD


Alexis Brewe, Psychology
Mentor: Jane Roberts          

Title: Neurodevelopmental Disability Project


Bryttin Boyde, Anthropology

Mentor: Jan Eberth  

Title: Spatial Accessibility to Endoscopy


Nancy Edwards, Chemisty/Athletic Training

Mentor: Jim Mensch, Athletic Training      

Title: USC Youth Sports Safety Program


Andrea Eggleston, Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: James Burch, Epidemiology          

Title: Community Based Engineering


Grant Fleming, BARSC (International Development)

Mentor: Edward Carr, Geography  

Title: Mali Agrometeor, Advisory Analysis


Miguel Garcia, Philosophy/Classics

Mentor: James Cutsinger, Religious Studies          

Title: Pedagogy and Intro into Philosophy


Charles Harding, Marketing/Music

Mentor: David Cutler, Music Entrepreneurship   

Title: A Study of the Benefits of an Arts Advocacy


Harshita Jain, Biology

Mentor: Deborah Billings, Health Promotion        

Title: Researching and Addressing the Contexts Behind Women's Decisions in Seeking Health care pre and post delivery in rural India


Brian Kean, Marketing and Management

Mentor: Kate Flory, Psychology      

Title: Exploring Psychological Research


Jake Martin, Economics

Mentor: Alexander Matros, Economics      

Title: Randomized Private Value Lotteries


Rebecca McCord, Psychology

Mentor: Kate Flory, Psychology      

Title: Learning the Research Process


Ellery Moore,  Experimental Psychology

Mentor: Bret Kloos, Psychology      

Title: Adapting Attitudes on Homelessness


Allie Morrison, Psychology

Mentor: Bret Kloos, Psychology      

Title: Changing Homelessness Attitudes


William Richardson, Biology/Philosophy

Mentor: Daniel Buxhoeveden, Religion and Science        

Title: A Handbook to Science and Religion


Christina Romano, Psychology

Mentor: Joshua Gold, Counselor Education           

Title: Spiritual Evolution in Undergraduates


Eric Roper, English

Mentor: Patrick Scott, Rare Books/ Libraries        

Title: The American Poems of Gavin Turnbull


Emma Satzger, BARSC (Global Community Health)

Mentor: Joshua Grace, History

Title: History of Development in Africa


Alison  Schriro, Mathematics

Mentor: Elizabeth Sudduth, Rare Books/ Ted Rosengarten, Jewish Studies

Title: Then and Now: Warsaw's Recovery


Victoria Sharpe, BARSC

Mentor: Dirk-Bart den Ouden, Communication Sciences

Title: Semantic Organization of Nouns and Verbs


Erin Steiner, Political Science/Women & Gender Studies

Mentor: Shelley Smith, Sociology    

Title: Ghanaian Students' Perception of Skin Tone


Brooke Troxell, Biology

Mentor: Jessica Green, Psychology 

Title: Neural Correlates of Attention