I remember how at this point last year the summer could not end soon enough for me. Sure, I enjoyed my free time, hanging out with friends and still riding on a post-high school graduation high, but I just could not wait for my first semester of college to start. I was excited for the usual aspects of college that all incoming freshmen are excited about: newfound freedom, new friends, and a new space. I was just as excited, if not more excited, for living in the Honors dorm with my new roommate, and, in typical nerd fashion, I was also pretty excited for my Honors classes.

Now, as a sophomore, you would think I would be feeling a bit more jaded and wanting my summer to last just a little bit longer. Instead, I feel almost the same kind of impatience I felt as an incoming freshman. Working the freshman orientation sessions and getting to meet all of the new Honors College students has gotten me absolutely stoked for my sophomore year. Talking about my experience as a freshman has made me reflect upon over and over again how awesome my first year at USC really was. So, yet again, the summer can not end soon enough. With only six orientation sessions left, I know the rest of this summer will fly by. And although I’m impatient, I’m still excited to meet even more of the incoming class. Seeing the new students so excited about coming to campus in the fall makes me just as excited for campus to be full of students again and classes to be back in session.


Dear Summer,

It’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t wait for my friends to finally return to campus and for the incoming freshmen to finally end their summer by starting their fall with the SCHC.

Rose Steptoe


English Major, History Minor

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