At night, when my head hits the pillow, I’m not even thinking about sleep. My mind runs through expectations for the next day—which classes to attend, what homework is still undone, what to eat for breakfast (and lunch (and dinner!)), where to study during the class break, when to get in a workout, call mom!

I finally fall asleep when my mind is exhausted thinking of every little thing I have to do the next day (or week). Naturally, my sleep isn’t very restful or helpful. Sleep has a totally different meaning now that I’m in college. I remember one of the first days of class where our teacher asked us to introduce ourselves to the class and tell about our hobbies. The absolute best hobby I heard that day—“Sleeping.” I need to make that my hobby.

Looking back, I think about those days when my mom and dad would come to my room when I was six years old to read a bedtime story. It was 8 o’clock in the summer and thus still light outside, but my little sister and I were wiped. If we were lucky there were cookies (oreos being the favorite) and milk, and if not there was always a bedtime story. My dad liked to transform old Biblical Stories into the new age, where the twelve disciples traveled around in a bus instead of by donkey. My mom’s favorite story was Ballerina Bear and The Hungry Little Caterpillar. Ironically, neither my sister nor I turned out to be ballerinas, but we will never turn down food.

A restful sleep back then (even at 8 o’clock during daylight hours) was easy and underappreciated. But when I try to replicate that sleep in college, by eating handfuls of cookies and drinking glasses of milk right before bed, I find myself with a stomach ache instead of a restful sleep.

Being an Honors College Student, I quickly figured that it’s the bedtime story that makes the difference. No matter whether it is a soothing story, a quick poem, a riveting adventure, or an extremely cheesy romance—there’s something calming nonetheless about living vicariously for a moment through other characters and letting your own worries float away. This way, there is no need to count sheep.

As a fellow honors student, perhaps you would like to conduct your own experiment?

No problem. How about this? On Monday, September 12th at 9pm in the Honors Dorm, I’ll provide the cookies and milk, our very own Dean Lynn will read the story, and all you need to do is come and discover the validity of my hypothesis.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

-Kara Jones, Honors Ambassador


Bedtime stories with Dean Lynn

Enjoy milk and cookies in the comfort of your pajamas while Dean Steve Lynn tells a bedtime story.

Location: HRH B110

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