And we’re off!  As I sit at a desk on the bottom floor of the Thomas Cooper Library (affectionately known as T. Coop among Gamecocks) writing this inaugural post for the South Carolina Honors College blog, students bustle on the campus above me on the way to their first lessons of the semester.  It is relatively easy to identify which students are of which class: the wide-eyed freshman tend to walk with a sort of frantic confusion, not wanting to be late to their first-ever college lectures, while the upperclassmen are progressively more comfortable (and slower) on their journey across campus the closer they are to reaching their coveted graduation day. 

                A person will experience many firsts in their life, and as a college student one will experience many more.  As a proud ambassador of the South Carolina Honors College hailing from the northern state of New Jersey, the firsts I have experienced since arriving at USC’s beautiful campus my freshman year have been innumerable.  I’ve seen my first Palmetto, eaten my first bites of pimento cheese and fried pickles, heard my first southern drawl.  I’ve had my first college lecture, went to my first office hours, passed my first college exam.  I’ve tripped on my first Horseshoe brick, rocked a black dress at my first Gamecock football game, and worn pajamas to my first Bedtime Story featuring Dean Lynn.  I’ve learned that sneakers are ‘tennis shoes’, hoagies are ‘subs’, and no one really seems to understand what I’m saying when I mention craving water ice on a particularly hot day.


As a student in the Honors College at the University of South Carolina I am exposed to new and exciting opportunities every day, both inside and outside of the classroom.  From research experiences, scholarships, and internships to free theatre trips, museum visits, and barbeques, the unique, interesting, and impressive events and opportunities the staff and faculty of the SCHC work hard to make available to their students are endless.  Throughout the year this blog will serve as a “sneak peek” into the Honors College, providing insight into research, internships, and student life through first-hand accounts written by me and my fellow Honors Ambassadors.  We look forward to sharing our love of the South Carolina Honors College!  If you want to get in touch with an Honors Ambassador or further explore what the SCHC has to offer, follow us on Instagram at southcarolinahonors and our hashtag #thisisSCHC or send us an email at

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