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Angela Rogers

Mooresville, NC

Class of 2019
Economics and Mathematics double major

Ask me about…University 101, choosing a major, and the theater scene on campus!


I’m a sophomore from Mooresville, North Carolina and I’m an economics and mathematics double major.  I originally started out in the business school thinking I was going to switch to the something in the humanities but here I am in social sciences/STEM and I love it!  I want to go on and get my PhD in economics with a focus in behavioral or anthropological economics and teach at a college level.  I never want to leave school!  I have a passion for mentorship and working with students, and that is reflected in the activities I am involved with.


What do you love?

I love helping people, specifically students.  I can get very caught up in my own head and I can overanalyze things to death, but helping people improve their lives gets me outside of my own self-centered bubble.

What is a pet peeve?

People mixing up “good” versus “well”.  Don’t get me started.

What motivates you?

Puppies motivate me.  Also pictures of unique quotes over clichéd artsy backgrounds.

Who is your hero?

I hate to give the obvious answer, but my mom.  She’s given me a great example of a strong woman who is unafraid to work for what she wants, and that has impacted me greatly throughout my life.

What makes you laugh?

My friends make me laugh the hardest.  But Thomas Sanders vines are a close second.

What is your motto in life?

Hard work leads to success.  Yes, I know it’s not always true, but that has always helped me keep pushing even when I don’t want to.

What are you reading right now?

I’m reading a book about the psychology of math.  It’s possibly the nerdiest thing I’ve done all year.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to admit you are wrong.  I didn’t even apply to the dream school I visited in 9th grade, and I ended up turning down an offer from another school that I thought I was almost definitely going to go to.  You will make an excellent college decision, and it is only excellent if it is right for you, not necessarily for your friends or parents or your younger self.

What advice would you give to current students?

The calories in the chicken fingers on Chicken Finger Wednesday don’t count.

Why did you choose the SCHC?

I chose SCHC because it has the opportunities of a big school with the community of a small school.  When I came to college, I didn’t know what I wanted to major in, so I wanted a school with a lot of options, but I also wanted a school that had people who could take the time to sit down and help me figure myself out.  Possibly the best example I have of this is in the spring of my freshman year.  I had just made an appointment with the College of Arts and Sciences to change my major and I was freaking out.  I popped into a random honors advisor’s office (she was neither my advisor nor in the field I was switching into) and asked for help and a hug.  She provided both, and I left her office 20 minutes later with candy in hand.  I am not convinced that I could find a more loving and encouraging group of faculty, staff, and students at any other school.