June 2017


Alumni Spotlight: Marty McGirt Hucks, The heart of a nurse

For Marty McGirt Hucks ‘ 90, Halloween 1986 marked the end of one life and the beginning of another. Until almost midnight, she’d been a typical college freshman, cruising in her costume with three friends before dropping them off for the weekend. But a tire in her 1971 VW Bug blew out, causing the car to roll over I-20, throwing her friend out in the middle of oncoming traffic. In the pouring rain, her friend—incapacitated from a broken leg—lay helpless as a semi bore down upon her. Hucks and her buddies managed to drag her back to the side of the road, and then something unforgettable happened.

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May 2017


Alumni Spotlight: Courtney Hopkins Mann, Taking action against childhood drownings

Courtney Hopkins Mann dreads summers. As a pediatric emergency medicine physician, she knows inevitably she will have to tell a parent their child has died or sustained a permanent disability as a result of drowning and there is nothing more she could have done. But in 2008, Mann, ’89 Honors chemistry, finally had enough. When a seven-year-old girl drowned in water so shallow “she could have stood up in it,” she and her colleague took action. They decided to create a device that could alert adults that their children were in trouble before it was too late.

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April 2017

March 2017


Running for cancer

For most, summer road trips across the U.S. are largely spent sitting in a car making various stops at national parks and state tourist attractions. For some, a cross-country road trip means running more than 4,000 miles relay-style and sleeping in the homes of those willing to extend hospitality to support the Ulman Cancer Fund.

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