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SCHC Spotlight Series: Julie Hutt, Director of Internships and Academic Advisor

The SCHC Spotlight Series focuses on some of our interesting students, faculty and staff. Conceived, researched and written by Honors Ambassadors and other stellar SCHC students.


Julie Hutt, Director of Internships for the Honors College, specifically works with the South Carolina Washington Semester Program, South Carolina Semester Program, and Honors College internships. She also advises Honors students majoring in international business, general business, nursing, and international studies. Julie has been with the Honors College for two years, but has worked at USC for 10 years and previously worked in the Career Center. Here’s a glimpse into what Julie had to say about her time here at Carolina and life outside of work.


What do you enjoy most about working with students?

“Their stories! That is getting to know the students beyond being an Honors College student. Did you know we have an Honors student who started their own Pecan Pie business using their neighbor’s pecan tree? Did you know a handful have run from the West Coast to East Coast in a summer raising funds for cancer? Or that 12 of your Honors College peers are all working for the state government this semester as part of an Honors College program?”


What has surprised you about your time here?

“The faculty and staff that work for the Honors College are truly the most authentic, student-driven colleagues I’ve worked with.”


What are you excited about these days?

“My husband bought me XM radio for Christmas this year, so I love getting in my car for the 40-minute commute to and from work. I completed my goal of running 40 5K’s this year (since I turned 40). Getting a good night sleep since I have a 3 year old and 9 month old.”


What is one book you would recommend to students?

“First one that comes to mind is the “Phish Philosophy.” It’s written from a cooperate perspective, but I think it’s applicable to everyday life. It’s a mindless read. I find myself reading a lot of parenting books lately, the current one being “Let Them Eat Dirt.” My Goodreads app rates “The Glass Castle,” “Bitter is the New Black,”  “Sarah’s Key,” and most John Grisham books as my top rated. Being part of a book club with friends that share different interests has opened my eyes to a lot of different reading.”


What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

“If money and time were not objects, I would be at an all-inclusive resort somewhere tropical. If staying local, I would go on a really long run first, then spend the rest of the day on Lake Murray.”


What did you wish you could have told yourself as a college student?

“I took full advantage of college. I was your typical over-involved student. I completed an internship every summer and even spent a spring semester interning. I wish I took advantage of all the student services that were available. I probably worked harder trying to navigate student services wanting to do everything “all by myself.” Working in Higher Education, now I understand staff have a passion for student development and want to help students make the most out of their college experience. Ask yourself, have you visited the Career Center, Student Success Center, talked with a counselor, visited Campus Recreation, attended an event hosted by Carolina Productions, taken a faculty member out to lunch, applied for a scholarship or spent a Saturday doing a service event? If you said “no” to any of these, then you need to take advantage of all there is here at Carolina.”


What are some of your favorite spots around Columbia?

To eat: Spotted Salamander

Dessert: Nonnah’s

To play: EdVenture (with kids), Colonial Life (without kids)

To run: Riverwalk

To do long runs: Shandon area

To take visitors: Zoo or State House


If you hadn’t pursued higher education, is there any profession you had been interested in?

“I’m really where I was meant to be. In my next life, I would be an “in home professional organizer” and “special event party planner.” When I retire, I want to be the activities director for a retirement community.”