February 2017


Student Spotlight: Joanne Wu

Currently, I’m generating a lot of really fun-looking graphs that I’m not sure I fully understand, but they’re already starting to make more sense which gives me a little bit of hope. A lot of my time is also spent fixing my own mistakes and trying to operate test equipment without setting everything on fire. But honestly, this is probably one of the best experiences I’ve had.

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SCHC Spotlight Series: Julie Hutt, Director of Internships and Academic Advisor

"Did you know we have an Honors student who started their own Pecan Pie business using their neighbor’s pecan tree? Did you know a handful have run from the West Coast to East Coast in a summer raising funds for cancer? Or that 12 of your Honors College peers are all working for the state government this semester as part of an Honors College program?”

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January 2017

December 2016

November 2016


Marshall Winn, ‘74, on Making Good Choices

“The most important thing the Honors College did for me was prepare me to live a very interesting and reasonably well-examined life,” said Winn, ’74 English, a lauded Greenville trial and business lawyer who grew up in Spartanburg. When he enrolled in Harvard Law School in 1979, he was gratified to find he was just as prepared as his classmates from better-known schools across the country. In some cases, even better.

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Translating faith: Cecile Holmes finds meaning in religion writing

“While it’s fascinating to do reporting that you know will probably make the front page, perhaps the more important side of religion writing is telling faith stories of people from all religions that would never be told without your work. From snake handlers in western North Carolina to warring Baptists in Dallas and all kinds of immigrants—trying to translate a faith group that is still not well-known, like Hinduism or Islam or Sikhs—is a struggle and an honor. That’s really the way I feel about it.”

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Student Spotlight: Aly Schwartz

"...if you told me a year ago that I was going to be driving a 36-person truck while entertaining guests with 22-minutes worth of spieling on repeat, I would’ve laughed in your face. I still get nervous driving down the interstate, and public speaking had always made me uncomfortable; how was I supposed to monitor and entertain dozens of people while driving around free-roaming exotic animals?"

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October 2016


Building a world-class city

“There were opportunities for me at various times to go in a different path, but I really have enjoyed the changes and growth I’ve seen here,” said Wilson, Columbia’s city manager since January 2013. “It is very fulfilling to touch that growth and help run and grow a city, and be part of this tremendous experience of transforming it.”

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