November 2016

October 2016


Building a world-class city

“There were opportunities for me at various times to go in a different path, but I really have enjoyed the changes and growth I’ve seen here,” said Wilson, Columbia’s city manager since January 2013. “It is very fulfilling to touch that growth and help run and grow a city, and be part of this tremendous experience of transforming it.”

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Playing with ‘Hamlet’

In “Hamlet from Stage to Screen,” Alexander Jones took the famous tragedy and turned it inside out, letting its many other characters more clearly expose one of the playwright’s themes. That theme is the danger of revenge—how it backfires on those pursuing it—and harms others in its path. His adaptation, 130 pages long, with production notes and a critical detailed analysis of each character, won the 2016 William A. Mould Outstanding Senior Thesis Award.

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From AK-47s to pencils: USC chapter of Students Helping Honduras has raised $33,000 for new schools

When Honors students Cassidy Webb and Amy Atwell first visited El Progreso with Students Helping Honduras, they didn’t imagine they would return again and again—four times now and counting. The pull, though, wasn’t solely because of the group’s mission to create accessible education by combating violence and poverty. The pull came from the children whose lives they were transforming.

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September 2016


Staff Spotlight: Jimmy McClellan

Jimmy McClellan, the Residence Life Coordinator at the Honors Residence Hall, is probably one of the most familiar faces to Honors freshman. He is a friendly and constant presence in the residence hall

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August 2016


SC High School Writing Contest winners announced

The South Carolina Honors College and University of South Carolina Press have announced the winners of the third annual South Carolina High School Writing Contest. Grand Judge Mary Alice Monroe judged the writings of the semi-finalists, 50 juniors and seniors, each of whom submitted two pieces of writing.

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June 2016


Remembering Fred Sheheen

As a longtime instructor and mentor to the South Carolina Semester internship program, he is remembered for his dedication to all of the students he taught and all those he helped long after the classes ended.

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