May 2016


Cool Nerds, Leg Testers, and the Man in the Elevator: Revocation 2016

“We’ll be testing our legs after four years of training in the Honors College,” she said. “It will be scary. It will be hard. It will be exhilarating. We will be able to prove ourselves—maybe for the first time, maybe for the millionth time—to the professors, advisors, mentors, and friends we were so honored to find in this community. But most importantly, this next stage in our lives will be a chance for us to prove something to ourselves. We get to prove that we can take what we’ve been given and turn it into something that fits the title of ‘Graduate of the University of South Carolina Honors College.’”

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A Heart for Preemies

Freshman pre-med chemistry major Rebekah Parris didn’t wait to become involved in the Carolina community. By the beginning of her second semester, she had already secured an undergraduate research opportunity with the USC pharmacy department, become president of Be the Match, and joined Cure International. The Honors College student didn’t stop there: Parris recently started a club called Preemie Parcels for parents of premature babies. Now she’s working to establish connections with other USC clubs and local hospitals to build the foundations for a long-lasting and impactful program.

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April 2016


SCHC Students Honored at Awards Day

The University of South Carolina presented its top honors, the Algernon Sydney Sullivan and Steven N. Swanger awards, during the university’s annual Awards Day ceremony Thursday on the historic Horseshoe.

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Exploring new options in medical ethics

Biology major Ling Campbell isn’t interested in following the traditional pre-med track. Instead, the Honors College senior wants to pursue a career in the relatively new field of medical ethics. Currently evaluating options for future careers, Campbell hopes her Mayo internship will enlighten her about how to apply her biology degree to bioethics. “Hospitals have to have a way to resolve ethical issues, ways to work with policy; they need something like an ethics committee,” she says. “I just need to figure out how I fit into this.”

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Asma Jaber: Capturing the past for the present

Having never thought of herself as an entrepreneur—initially she wanted to be a human rights lawyer—Jaber now knows “entrepreneur” is indeed the right job title for her. “I always liked to think outside the box. I’ve also always liked to capture personal histories of people and share that with a wider public.”

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Madeleine Giess: From horseback to heavy lifting

“One of the things that attracted me to it is that exercise science is really a combination of physical sciences — chemistry, physics — with biomechanics. Biomechanics is my favorite class that I’ve ever taken, and I really don’t think that I’m going to be able to find something cooler than that to me — just because it was breaking down the stuff that I already think about on a daily basis.”

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University of South Carolina is a top producer in the nation of Hollings Scholars

Eight rising juniors at the University of South Carolina have been chosen as 2016 Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholars. This year’s recipients bring the total number of USC Hollings Scholars to 42 over the 12 years of this national competition, with 17 won in the past two years alone. This makes the University one of the top Hollings Scholars producers over the past three years and second in the nation during the 2015-2016 academic year.

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