July 2015

June 2015

May 2015


A Natural Fit: Patrick Wooten, Class of 2005

Patrick Wooten is a prime example of why you don’t have to have it all figured out in college. Confused about which major to declare as an undergraduate, he finally chose accounting when his advisor told him he had no time left to decide. Now he’s the youngest member of the South Carolina Bar Board of Governors, president-elect of the SC Bar’s Young Lawyers Division, and the youngest 2015 recipient of the Leadership in Law award.

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‘I love you all and I love this school’: Revocation 2015

“I’m a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records and you’ve won the prize for the longest sustained applause,” Dean Steven Lynn deadpanned at the beginning of the event, after 180 graduating seniors walked across the stage. Kidding aside, he congratulated the Class of 2015...

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A new goal: Former soccer captain tackles conflict resolution

After two sports-related injuries in six months, former USC soccer captain Kevin Stam had to accept that his dream of playing five years of professional ball wasn’t coming true. But he’s lucky, he says, to have played six months on a professional team in Sweden, and to have other dreams. Two of them are becoming an international mediator and teaching people how to resolve conflict.

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April 2015


Student Spotlight: Ruthanne Wenger, English major in Bhutan

“Bhutan has been my dream destination for years,” said Wenger, “not only for its beauty and diversity, but also for the unique way it has preserved itself from Western influence.” It was for these reasons that Wenger thought Bhutan would be the perfect place to conduct research for her senior thesis, examining the interaction and overlap between postmodernism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

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Pondering life through poetry: Felicia Mitchell

Coping with cancer and caring for a parent with dementia would be enough to do anybody in. Not Felicia Mitchell. The poet, professor, and Honors College alumna transformed her grim into great—using her semester-long sabbatical in 2011 for treatment and to work on poems for her first full-length published collection.

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