A gift of any size can make a difference. Here's how:

$30 supports the binding of two senior theses

$50 covers senior thesis supplies such as petri dishes, sheet music, or a digital voice recorder

$75 provides transportation for community activities in service learning courses

$100 supports an honoraria for a local faculty member to lecture in the Honors Residence Hall

$125 supports one senior thesis workshop or pre-advising workshop

$135 helps a student obtain a passport for study-abroad courses or research

$200 funds an away football game watching party in the Honors Residence Hall

$250 sponsors a minority or top-scholar recruitment dinner

$300 provides materials for community outreach in service learning courses

$500 sponsors one Honors Council charity fundraiser event

$500 supports one career development workshop for Honors College students

$750 supports one student participating in an Honors College summer travel course

$750 covers one month of materials for the student computer lab

$750 provides interview travel expenses for a Truman, Marshall, or Rhodes Scholar finalist

$1,000 furnishes one new computer in the student computer lab

$1,250 sponsors December Revocation

$1,500 supports a student working in an unpaid internship for a semester

$1,500 creates a student stipend for a 150-hour faculty-mentored research project

$1,500 provides a senior thesis grant

$1,750 supports a luncheon for prospective internship providers

$2,000 supports a student participating in the South Carolina Government Internship Program

$2,000 provides a grant for a faculty member developing a new service learning course

$2,250 sponsors the Alumni Homecoming Champagne Brunch

$2,500 supports a student participating in the Washington Semester Internship Program

$2,750 sponsors Freshman Convocation

$3,000 creates a student stipend for a 300-hour faculty-mentored research project

$5,000 funds an honoraria to bring a nationally-known speaker to the Honors Residence Hall

$8,000 sponsors May Revocation

$15,000 furnishes a teaching computer lab in the Honors Residence Hall 

$25,000 creates a named endowment to support the donor's area of interest

$50,000 endows a named study abroad scholarship

$75,000 endows a named research grant for a faculty-mentored project

$100,000 endows a named merit or need-based scholarship

$300,000 creates a named Carolina Scholar scholarship endowment

$500,000 endows a named Honors College professorship


Endowed gifts last in perpetuity, can be named by the donor, and only a defined amount of the earned interest is spent each year.