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Linguistics Program



The Linguistics Program at South Carolina makes financial support for its graduate students a priority. In addition to offering our PhD students graduate assistantships, the program has been particularly successful in securing additional support through the University of South Carolina Presidential Fellowship Program, the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Assistantship Enhancement Program, and the Bilinksi Fellowship, which supports students during their dissertation research and writing.

Additional funding is available on competitive basis through the Graduate School and the office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Travel Funding

In addition to travel grants offered through the Graduate School, the Linguistics Program supplements the cost of traveling to conferences.

There is a limited amount of money in the Linguistics Program budget and in our development account for funding graduate student travel to conferences.  The Program welcomes the opportunity to support our students' research, and welcomes applications for travel assistance.  The travel awards will be made competitively and the amount of each award will depend on the nature of the conference and the projected expense of getting there, and on the quality of the abstract.

If you are planning on presenting a paper at a conference and would like assistance from the program, you should apply for as soon as you submit an abstract to the conference for consideration. This is because University regulations require that Travel Authorizations be approved before travel is initiated.  Thus, if you have submitted a proposal or abstract to a conference but have not yet heard back, you should still apply.  If you get funding that you don't use, we can always award it to someone else.  But if you don't apply for funding and then need it, the Linguistics Program won't be able to help you.

Your application for support should be sent directly to the Chair of the Student Travel Committee (Prof. Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva) via e-mail. These applications will be distributed to the Student Travel Committee, and should be sent as a .pdf document. 

Click here to download the application form.

Your application for support should consist of the following:

  1. The title of your presentation and the name of the conference, your name and your current degree program. 
  2. An abstract of your presentation (which can be the abstract that you submitted to the conference), not to exceed 500 words.
  3. A paragraph of 100-150 words stating the importance of this particular conference, and why it is important for you to participate.
  4. A short budget, including approximate airfare, accommodations, meals, and registration costs (n.b. airfares should be lowest available fare, using a Saturday night stayover and a 21-day advance purchase; meals are reimbursed on a $32 per diem basis for out-of-state travel, and $25 per diem basis for in-state travel.
  5. A supporting statement (via email) from a faculty advisor on the paper.
  6. Are you applying to the Graduate School for travel funding?
  7. Are you presenting a paper or poster?

Applications that do not conform to the guidelines (especially as regards word limits) will not be considered.


Round trip airfare



3 days x $35/day

Out of state: 3 days x $50/day






Ground transportation:




3 days x $140/day


Grand total:







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