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Darla Moore School of Business

Pharm. D./MBA Program

Why Choose the Pharm. D./MBA Combination Degree

The Pharm.D. / MBA Combination Degree is intended for current University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy students who are interested in managerial and executive positions in areas such as hospitals and health care systems, community chain pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry, managed care or academia. Students who are interested in owning their own pharmacy or pharmaceutical-oriented business are especially well suited for this degree.

As a field, health care is ever evolving, which requires a focus on cost-effectiveness in addition to the quality of patient care. Many pharmacy career fields require the application of the business skills and practices that are a core component of the Professional MBA program at the Darla Moore School of Business. Examples include personnel management, strategic planning and accounting. The Pharm.D. / MBA Combination degree program provides students with practical business knowledge they need to excel in the administrative side of health care in addition to the scientific pharmacy concepts that are the foundation of their role.


Core Classes Credit Hours
ACCT 725 Financial Accounting 3
MGSC 711 Quantitative Methods 3
MGMT 770 Competing Through People 3
ACCT 726 Managerial Accounting 3
FINA 760 Financial Policies 3
ECON 720 Managerial Economics 3
MKTG 701 Marketing Management 3
MGSC 791 Operations Management 3
MBAD 702 Strategic Management 3

The Pharm.D. program requires eight hours of electives. The College of Pharmacy will count 8 hours from any combination of core or elective PMBA courses as Pharm.D. elective credit for students earning the combination degree. All courses approved  by the Moore School for the PMBA program may be applied towards Pharm.D. elective credit as approved by the Curriculum Committee in the College of Pharmacy and published on the program's website.

  • The PMBA program requires 21 hours of electives. The Moore School will count 9 hours of Pharm.D. course work as electives for students earning the combination degree. The precise pharmacy courses that will count toward the MBA degree will come from a list of approved courses determined before the beginning of each academic year by the PMBA Program Committee in the Moore School. The list of courses will be re-evaluated at the time of any substantive Pharm.D. course changes and in the event that a new Pharm.D. course is developed which may warrant consideration as an MBA elective.
  • Electives in the PMBA program are intended to complement the core curriculum. Students select electives based on areas of interest as they progress through the curriculum, or they may choose to specialize their electives in a functional area. Specializations are available in finance, international business, innovation/entrepreneurship and marketing. To complete a specialization, students must take a minimum of four of their electives in a single area.

Most electives in the PMBA program follow a seven-week term and meet one night per week from 6-9 p.m.  A few of the weeknight classes also require students to attend class sessions during the day on one or two Saturdays during the seven-week term. A small number of electives are scheduled as weekend classes, with all the class sessions occurring on Saturday. The PMBA program also offers two to three optional study abroad courses yearly. Students visit with business executives, tour manufacturing facilities and attend government briefings in seven to 10 days.

For more information about academic requirements for the Pharm.D. degree, visit the College of Pharmacy website.

Approved Electives

2022-2023 Approved PMBA Electives
These Pharm.D. courses have been approved for PMBA elective credit:

This course provides an entrepreneurship overview, including, but not limited to 1) the characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes of successful entrepreneurs, 2) current topics in entrepreneurship, e.g., the lean startup methodology, 3) examination of how to create an entrepreneurial mindset, 4) entrepreneurship as it applies to pharmacy ownership and innovative patient care initiatives, 5) application of relevant business skills, e.g., accounting, marketing, and finance, 6) business planning and creation of a business proposition.

Course Format: 3 credit hours.

Prerequisites: second professional year standing; recommended that student has completed an accounting course.

This course provides insight and understanding of the U.S. health care system and pharmacy's role within that system. Managerial skills and concepts are taught to allow pharmacists to maximize their contribution to this health care system and to the patients it serves.

Course Format: Lecture format, 4 credit hours.

Prerequisite: third professional year standing.

Federal and state laws and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy and introduction to the professional and ethical issues relevant to the practice of pharmacy.

Course Format: Lecture format, 3 credit hours.

Prerequisite: third professional year standing.


*Please note that there are five different practice experience courses with numbers ranging from 983 to 987.

Elective pharmacy practice experiences provide students with the opportunity to explore a variety of pharmacy practice settings outside of the four core curricular categories (acute/general medicine, ambulatory care, community, and hospital/health system). These elective experiences are typically in non-traditional pharmacy settings and include, but are not limited to, academia, administration, drug information, industry, informatics, international, investigational drug services, long term care, mail order, managed care, nuclear, poison center, research and veterinary medicine.

Course Format: 4 credit hours; one month of supervised advanced pharmacy practice for at least 40 hours per week.

Prerequisite: fourth professional year standing.

For students to count this course for the PMBA, the experience must focus on the area of administration. Students may only count up to 4 credit hours of PHMY 98X practice experience courses as PMBA elective hours.

While the sum of the credit hours of these courses exceeds 9 hours, only 9 hours will be applied to the 21 hours of required electives in the MBA program.

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