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Alumni Spotlight- Nikita Pete

Nikita Pete is a proud UofSC Nursing BSN, MSN, and DNP alumna! While completing her last semester of the DNP program during a global pandemic had it's challenges, she is more than ready to utilize her degree in practice and continue to be a vibrant advocate of nursing and healthcare. 

Why did you return to UofSC to receive your DNP?

I returned to school to compete my DNP because I wanted to be a valuable part in improving the health care systems. As nurses, we are always finding innovative ways to improve care for the patients safely. I want to be the pinnacle for change in healthcare and educate those after me on being the best nurses that they can be. 

What was your proudest moment as a DNP student? 

My proudest moment was completing my DNP project and presenting my defense. It was that moment during my presentation that I felt proud and thankful to have chosen UofSC again for my DNP. I thoroughly  enjoyed the support from my project chair and she influenced me to return the favor and be there for those to come after me. 

What was the topic of your DNP project? 

I completed my DNP project on Implementing Safer Sex Education into Primary Practice. I chose to do this DNP project after working in primary care and seeing the alarming rates of STIs within the age groups of 18-24 year olds. This group had the highest cases of STIs specifically within the African American community which is the largest population of patients at family practice where I work. I am currently putting my project into practice by implementing the sex education survey used for my project, into the EMR system and using it during patient visits. I am glad that I chose this topic because I am able to see firsthand the benefits after implementation of this project. 

How will receiving your DNP degree impact your practice? 

Earning my DNP will create paths for me to custom my career in many various ways. It has opened opportunities for me to do more within my scope of practice and has encouraged me to have a seat at the table to fight for policy changes that impacts nursing as a whole. 

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