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A prestigious academic program.
A traditional university experience.
It’s a community inside a community, and you’re at the center of it all.

From the Student Blog

Hi, My Name is Honors Ambassadors

From the Student Blog

Finals Week

We’ve reached the end. Classes are finished, homework is no more, and only finals week lies between us and winter break (freedom).

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Hi, My Name is Honors Ambassadors

From the Student Blog

The Calm Within the Storm

After my second exam this week, a friend of mine suggested that we get some work done on the Horseshoe just to change up the scenery a little bit. It was a beautiful day, unlike the scorching heat that had seemed to be taking over Columbia. Looking up from my books and up at the sky, I could see clear blue on a cloudless day and the light shining wonderfully through the trees. And for a moment, it felt as if the calm had returned.

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From Detached to Connected: An inspirational professor redirects Honors student Hannah Ekeh to a more fulfilling future

“As the semester progressed, I realized this was the kind of space I wanted to be in. I googled my professor, and it was like ‘I can’t believe this person’s teaching my class.’


Translating faith: Cecile Holmes finds meaning in religion writing

“While it’s fascinating to do reporting that you know will probably make the front page, perhaps the more important side of religion writing is telling faith stories of people from all religions that would never be told without your work. From snake handlers in western North Carolina to warring Baptists in Dallas and all kinds of immigrants—trying to translate a faith group that is still not well-known, like Hinduism or Islam or Sikhs—is a struggle and an honor. That’s really the way I feel about it.”


Student Spotlight: Aly Schwartz

"...if you told me a year ago that I was going to be driving a 36-person truck while entertaining guests with 22-minutes worth of spieling on repeat, I would’ve laughed in your face. I still get nervous driving down the interstate, and public speaking had always made me uncomfortable; how was I supposed to monitor and entertain dozens of people while driving around free-roaming exotic animals?"

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