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A prestigious academic program.
A traditional university experience.
It’s a community inside a community, and you’re at the center of it all.

From the Student Blog

From the Student Blog

How I Made My College Decision

Before I knew what was happening I was helping to hide a mannequin... while simultaneously discussing how one of the students was using his free time to write a captivating autobiography in the style of the Odyssey. I can honestly say I had never met such interesting, passionate, and kind people.

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From the Student Blog

An English major's adventures in research

Trying to describe the history of a person or place in just a couple sentences requires both some serious revision and researching skills.

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From the Student Blog

Spotlight on Columbia

Consider this: you finish all of your homework and have the entire afternoon to relax and just enjoy the day. What do you do? Hanging out in the residence hall or sitting on the Horseshoe is a great way to unwind, but Columbia has so many spots near campus worth a visit!

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A Great and Powerful Thing: The South Carolina High School Writing Contest IV

“Be patient with yourself and with other people, and with yourself as a writer and thinker coming to your own conclusions. We need you and your voices and individuality and thoughtfulness.”

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